Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rant for the Day - Taxi Bookings

Quite Meltdown Moment.
Now I am trying really hard to be reasonable, here. Well I lie, I am so beyond being reasonable,  but snakes alive, I booked a taxi at 4.30.  It is now nearly 7. I was put on priority at 6. I am sick to death of listening to the bloody recorded message telling me how many bloody people the taxi carries. Nor do I care about the well trained ( HA HA HA falling off my chair HA HA) the taxi drivers are. I don't care that they are available 24 /7 , 365 days a year. Because  EH EM .
They are not bloody  available at bloody all ,I am still waiting for a ride home. 
Do not dare to suggest that I should have a licence. At this stage that would be the tipping point  that would  have me  committing a gruesome nasty crime. I would be arrested and locked away in prison FOREVER. And no one would come and visit me because I was nasty and told Bryan that if he drank and drove and got arrested I would not visit him in prison so this would be my just deserts and oh it is all just too horrid to consider.
The phone has just rung. The taxi is coming. YIPEEEEEEE. I am going home. I am not going to be arrested.
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