Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Yesterday  I left my keys at home in the morning and could not get in when I got home in the afternoon. I blame the “Developers” of our buildings. I cannot possible blame myself.
From the day we moved into our apartment some four plus years ago until sometime in December 2011 I  had a spare key or two or three kept with the security staff at the concierge desk in the lobby.  The powers that be ( Nakeel ) decided that we could no longer leave a spare key with the  security staff. It was a mightily inconvenient thing.  I had to arrange for the cleaning and ironing service to have their own keys. Any repairs now have to happen  after I get home from work which is DULL, DULL, DULL and a bit annoying. I don’t want to be in the apartment when the air conditioners are being serviced. The worst thing about this RULE is that I have been living in  a semi state of terror worrying that I would forget my key "one day" and not be able to get in. Well One Day happened.
If I am honest, it was not so dreadful. I called Bryan and plaintively asked when he might get home. He was being particularly sensitive yesterday afternoon to atmosphere ( go figure) and asked why I was asking when he was coming home. I confessed all thinking, that in this new "aware" mood he had developed, he might jump in his car and scream across town to let me into our home. Silly me. He bemoaned my fate very sympathetically and prettily. Told me a bit about his day (yawn…..) and said that he would be home after he had “finished up a few things”. My heart sinks when Bryan says that because what it actually means is “you might see me anytime between now and the next blue moon, darling”. FYI  the next blue moon is on the 2nd August this year. Accepting my fate, it not being  a worse than death thing , I plodded down to the Costa coffee to read whatever papers and magazines they might have and wait for Bryan.

You would think that would be the end of it, but you would be wrong. You see reading magazines and most newspapers is not a good thing for me to do. I get totally worked up about poorly written articles ( I don't get paid to write so I am  sort of exempt from criticism about my DREADFUL spelling , poor grammar and disjointed prose) that are not at all researched. Unless you count personal experience and a product sales pitch research. Which I don't. If you are writing about telling me how I should part with significant amounts of my hard earned dosh because you say some pseudo science therapy or diagnostic tool works then I think that you should be just a tad more responsible in your reporting, maybe get a scientifically trained ( and qualified) doctor to also comment. For balance if nothing else. Now I am not saying that the particular diagnostic tool is not brilliant bla bla bla but evangelical reporting is irresponsible when the reader cannot see any balance. Particularly when the written word is so powerful. It really is, once something is in print it has the potential to become "the truth". It is a big responsibility and most magazines don't seen to have a grip on that. But then should they? Oh this is becoming a whole new rant. Best I sign off. NOW

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