Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My friend Mary and her Mojo

My friend Mary was out of sorts last week and she told us that she had “Lost her Mojo”. We all sympathized.
This week she told us that she was on the mend and had found her “Mo” but her “Jo” was still out there somewhere….
The following email communications ensued back and forth between several of her ever loving and clearly sympathetic friends and relations.
One can only conclude that everyone has tooooooooo much time on their hands……
TG wrote:
This has now gone viral...  worldwide, people are looking for Mary’s Mojo.  However now that her Mo has been found, we can concentrate our collective efforts on looking for the Jo.  
Jo n.(pl. Joes) Sc.  a sweetheart or  beloved [var. Of JOY]
Mary’s sweetheart could be Tony – so, is Tony missing?  No, he is not.  Therefore, it is possible that Mary has another sweetheart.  Perhaps we should not look for the Jo, then, in case Tony becomes jealous.
Or, maybe Mary’s Jo is really a form of Joey – which we all know is a baby Kangaroo.  In which case, we should institute an immediate, fingertip, pouch by pouch search throughout the Antipodes, asking each Joey if he or she belongs to Mary.   If we are successful and find the right Joey, the question then arises – how do we get the Joey back to Mary, who is in the UK?
The possibilities are endless.
What say all of you?
Jen wrote:
Is Mary's Joey in this pouch? In which case it is in Alice ……perhaps it's time Mary came for a visit to get her Jo back!

Sharon ponders:
But who is Alice? Is she related to Jo? Or even Tony?
And who is living next door to her?
Fifi wrote:
Ha ha ha! Dare I say it? Who the F**K is Alice?

Jen school marm’d:
Where did you both go to school???? Clearly somewhere where grammar was not a strong point cos its not 'who' is Alice and if it was, it would be Sally xxx

Sharon shot back with:
So is Sally hiding Mary’s Jo in her Mustang?


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