Saturday, 3 March 2012

Central Perk in Jumeirah

Yesterday, being Friday ( Dubai's Sunday-?), meant that Bryan and I got out of bed very late, you really don't need to know exactly how late, suffice to say that there are teenagers out there that would have been out of bed before us. Anyway, that is not what this post is about. Be relieved. Having dragged ourselves out of bed we decided that it was tooooooo much effort to actually do anything constructive. Code for Bryan had a hangover from hell. I had no excuse. We needed lunch. I told you it was late. Bryan was put in the hot seat on the decision making of where we would go. My criteria being that I did not want to be outside because of the lovely continuing wind and not  in a mall. We found our selves at Central Perk. It was just the right place to be. Not too busy, not too quiet. They have a very pleasant pavement seating area and a cosy inside area. The decor is as you would imagine it to be,think of "Friends" the TV series. And, it was ever so slightly shabby which gets it brownie points from me straight away. I love shabby and squishy and comfortable. The Loo was on the bright and tacky side, red and white tiles everywhere. Hint to the proprietor... get a new soap dispenser. Really there is no excuse for that ratty-tatty looking  soap dispenser in the Ladies Toilet.

The coffee is amongst the best in Dubai. The iced Americano I had was the best I have had in this fair city. Finally somewhere that understands what an iced coffee is. Coffee. Iced.

I ordered the soup of the day, Tomato, and being greedy , a side order of potato wedges. The soup was LOVEY. I will be hard pushed to order something else if I go there again. The potato wedges were delicious too but the ordering of these was overkill. Bryan suggested that I did not need to finish them.......Silly man. He ordered a  sort of turkey cordon bleu on a bed of spaghetti which sounded a bit odd to me but Bryan assured me it was all very yummy.

After lunch we moved to a sofa for a bit of discussing the world, reading the papers and deciding on the next course of action for the day. Which proved to be a bit of a damp squib. Movies- well nothing appealed except "The Artist" and that was only starting several hours later. I did the grocery shopping and then we went home. Bryan watched Rugby and the Dubai Open Tennis. flipping channels here and there desperate not to miss either sport. I considered pulling out my nails one by one....

The TV tells me how very lucky I am to have all 123 rugby games of whatever competition it is that is currently running for my viewing pleasure......... I have lots of reading to catch up on so its okay- really.

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