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We have recently had a visitor who was on a homeward bound trip following a walking hike to the highest walkable Himalayan peak.  I was reminded of the great mountain books that are out there for reading:
I recommend the following books:
I also can recommend the film “Touching the Void”
 I recommend it because it is real and gritty and because a friend’s husband worked on it.


Anonymous said...

Another excellent book I've recently finished reading is "Into the Silence, The Great War, Mallory and the COnquest of Everest" by Wade Davis which covers the 1920, 1921 and 1923 expeditions to Everest. It's available from Amazon, Keith

zimboinlimbo said...

Hi Keith, Don't know if you got the email I sent re your comment. Thank you I will look out for those as soon as I have finished Ranulph Fiennes - Captain Scott. I figured it was time to give them both a fair shot. I am such a fan of Shackelton and Mawson that it was hard to go over to the other side. I am immensely glad that I have given it a go. Fiennes is easy to read and he ( so far) ahs presented a very fair account. By fair I mean I have not had my illusions shattered with regards to my heroes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny, sorry, didn't get your e-mail. Over many years, I have read most of Chris Bonnington's books on climbing and been enthralled by them all. He writes superbly and very evocatively of the climbing in the 70's and 80's. His descriptions of the first ascent of the Eiger Direct, with Dougal Haston, in winter are memorable. He was acting as a reporter for the Telegraph, I think, but was literally roped in for sections of the climb. His descriptions of the Kongur expedition are also excellent. He was in the period when some of the greatest European climbers were finding stunning new routes throughout the world. He was the first to climb Everest by the South West Face, for instance.