Wednesday, 18 March 2015

THE DOUBLE BASS @ the Courtyard Playhouse SAT 21st March


Let me tell you something peeps, it kills me (figuratively, naturally) to promote anything where the performing dates are close to the performance dates of a production I am involved in. I cannot bear it that the public might have to choose between what I am doing and what someone else is doing. Furthermore, I am not altogether sure that my ego can cope with the (obviously) imagined slight if my show is not chosen as the "must see" production. But in this case I think that you will just have to blow your cash and time budgets and do both. More on what I am doing in a couple of days.....

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Time Out Music and NightLife Awards - Guess who's shows got shortlisted?

Walking on Sunshine

You may notice the two highlighted shows - below. Those would be the two shows I was involved with last season for the Dubai Drama Group. In Chekhov's Cigarette I directed  the boundless talent of Toby Masson in The Harmful Effects of Tobacco SEE HERE .  There were three other shows, 10,000 Cigarettes,  The ProposalA Matter of Husbands and together we made up Chekhov's Cigarette and we were shortlisted for Best Theatrical Performance. Bells ringing and doing a little dance.