Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Silly things people try every now and then. Ballet.

When I am sitting at my desk at work on a Monday morning the first thing I do is check my personal inbox for my friend Mary’s weekly email. This morning it was not there. I was crushed. I got up went to the canteen and got a mini croissant and an espresso. IT WAS HER FAULT. When I got back with my grubby bun and coffee in paws there was the weekly mail. But it was toooooo late. I was sipping coffee and nibbling on pastry and catching up on her news. My hips hate me.

In her update Mary spoke of her recent foray into the world of ballet classes for the not so young beginner. I had to sympathize as in a burst of energy last night I tried doing a  few ballet exercises. Bryan is away -what can I say- I had to find something to do other than nag him. 10 minutes of plies, grand battements and releves ( thank you Debbie for those few ballet classes in my early 20’s) and I was a COMPLETE wreck. I kid you not. 10 minutes. Complete Wreck. I had to recover by watching lots of trashy TV.  My friend Mary was subjected to performing ballet skipping (and she is not on the right side of middle age dears) She describes her antics thus “I have to say to was perfectly OK for Muhammed Ali to 'float like a butterfly'' but it is definitely very comical for a 61 year old to be skipping like a bunnie. This just about sums up my first adult beginner’s ballet class. As I left home, remembering baby beginners class I thought  'I really hope we don't have to skip and hop like bunnies'.

I arrived at the beautiful grade 2 listed old chapel which has been converted into a dance studio/ event  The inside is lovely, all walls mirrored (ugh) sprung floor chandelier, and a bar ( not  open during our class). There were 5 other 'older' ladies. We began with knee bends and rises at the barre. Followed by some swoshing foot stuff with little leaps, during which the teacher said 'Oh I haven't checked to see if you can skip!!!!!!!' I just burst out laughing. I was not able to skip, I could not get off the ground , like my feet had glue on the soles. I challenge all of you ladies or whoever to try skipping ...ballet skipping means that the up leg must be at 90 degree. It is quite hard. I do suggest you try it when no one is looking.” 

And I will not be try the skipping as Mary suggested. Not enough room in the apartment for that and there is no way I am going to try that outside in the park….. Can you imagine the spectacle I would make of myself.

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