Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Being A Bryan Fan

Bryan leads a much more "glamorous" life than I do. He recently went off for the day and pretended to be an advertising executive. Watch "The Brainstorm"

He is currently gracing the screens of cinemas and televisions in Dubai in an advert for U.N.B. UNB TVC

Yesterday he went off to a fitting at Technical Tailors (who sadly do not appear to have a web link) to be fitted for a uniform. Bryan explained that they were specialist tailors who worked "exclusively" on military uniforms. I was, by then, conjuring up images of him looking suitably dashing in a military uniform. “Mmmmm," says I. “That will be an interesting look". "Yes," says Bryan, oblivious to my train of thought. "I am going to be a Doorman. With epaulettes!!!!!!! Fizzzz goes my mental image.

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