Monday, 4 February 2013

Seafire Brunch at Atlantis

One of Bryan’s squash buddies had his parent’s visiting.

A proper visit to Dubai is not complete without a Friday Brunch thrown in.  A Friday Brunch is part of what being in Dubai is all about. In my previous life Brunch was a chance to sit and read papers and lazily ease into a Sunday.  Occasionally it was a very much needed, very late breakfast that took place after a very long, late boozy night. Not always you understand but it happens. In Dubai a Brunch is a very long and usually boozy lunch. It is  sometimes an excuse for gals to wear pretty frocks and to throw themselves at random men after a few too many champagnes. This sometimes makes the papers. Following Brunch there is usually an “after brunch party” in a pub. I lack the stamina so have no idea what happens to fellow “Brunchers” when they regroup in a "pub down the road" in the early evening. I can tell you that  some people  ( who will not be mentioned by name) have been know to come home in the "early hours" and fall asleep on the sofa and no one has been in a hurry  wake them....
But Back to our Brunch. We met up with a group of squash players and partners and “The Parents” in  the Seafire Restaruant at the Atlantis Hotel.

We have been to dinner at Seafire on a few occasions and count these as amongst the best meals we have had in Dubai…… at dinner. Sadly the same cannot be said for the Brunch.

On the up side the staff were engaging, interested, and attentive. I got the feeling that they loved what they were doing. The baker showed us with pride which deserts he had made. The chefs encouraged you to try this or that particular dish with knowledge and enthusiasm.  The band was good. I liked the laid back warm cosy atmosphere. I liked that it was not a heaving wild brunch party. I loved meeting a few new faces.

Sadly  all the pleasantness of the staff and  the surroundings and the company  could not detract from the fact that, for one of the most expensive Brunch’s in town, it delivers nothing special in quality , variety or quantity.  It simply was not good enough. Not by a long shot. The fish dishes were  dry. There were a too many stodgy foods on offer and not enough clean crisp flavors. The beef, whilst tender, was not tasty.  I did not even try the chicken it looked too sad for words. Ditto the oyster counter. OOOOOH the snow peas and broccoli were ok! The antipasti was fine but there was no wow factor at all.  The selection of cheese was disappointing. Hands down, food wise, the worst brunch I have been to in Dubai.

And then finally……… I had not been drinking ( on antibiotics sadly) and found that unlike most brunches there is no “dry” option so I had to pay full whack at AED 430/= for a mediocre meal without so much as a drop of plonk. I could have made a fuss, I guess, but when you are invited out you don’t like to do that. Really - no soft drink option on the brunch? Shame on you Atlantis!

Seafire is so off my list that I am not even going to give it a picture.

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