Friday, 1 June 2012

Switch - the Trailer

So you may remember that Bryan had a small part in a Chinese movie in which he played a gangster?

 According to Bryan the highlight of his performance  (and  to be honest I was not sure he was telling the truth) was spending an inordinate amount of time  eating cherries and cream out of the belly button of a bodacious blond babe.

It seems that he was telling the truth and not making up fantastical porkers.

Fresh out of Cannes 2012, the trailer for the big-budget Chinese blockbuster “Switch” (AKA “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”) starring Andy Lau, has been released. Pre-release buzz suggested the film was something like a Chinese-language take on “Mission: Impossible” but the trailer itself is a whole lot darker and stranger than anything we were expecting:

The trailer is out.  Bryan is in it. Don't blink or you wont see him:

 click on this link to see Bryan's 2 seconds of fame.

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