Thursday, 31 May 2012

Colds and Awards Nights and 39 Steps

EEEK this is almost a month old and I am only posting it now! It’s been a bit rushed since we got back.
We arrived home. Yes I am calling Dubai home. Do you know that we have lived in our rented apartment on the Palm now for longer than we have lived anywhere since we got married. Twenty four years a few weeks ago by the by. We are both still relatively sane?  anyway - if that is not home, I don't know what is. Well a far more romantic way of viewing home is to say that home is where Bryan ( the heart) is. This is all very well  but I need a geographical  space to label.

the heart in home

Anyway, I am once again being side tracked. We arrived home at some ungodly hour in the morning and Bryan promptly went in to work. I thought "bugger this I am  going to sleep because I am wise" and was tired after delayed flights and other bits and bobs.
So having been essentially  been travelling from 4 pm on  a Tuesday  arriving in Dubai at 5am on  a Wed and going straight to work and then on to a rehearsal for 39 Steps.  By Thursday Bryan looked like he had the bubonic plague. Well, what I imagine one would look like if one had it. NOT GOOD. Then he informed me that we had to go to his Theatre Group’s award’s evening. Never mind that he was sick or that his body had pretty much forgotten what a sleep was. He had been nominated twice and no matter how ill he was he was going and being supportive of his "crew". I , with extremely bad grace( in my head not out loud) Got Ready To Go.
I did not dress up  in Bells and Whistles mode as I was not told to. At three seconds to the time that the awards were due to start  Bryan leaped up ( well groggily clawed his way to the wardrobe) and put on his DJ. I sulked even more and asked icily  “Did the invite call for formal wear?” Bryan was non-committal which can mean anything from “Yes it did.” to  “No it did not,  I am just following my heart.”  to “I can’t remember and I don’t care.” I said “ You know, Bryan, the only time one wears a DJ is when the invitation says formal and if one ( that would be you)  wears it at any other time You Will Look Like A Complete Wally.” What. Was. I. Thinking? I  know  very well that looking like a wally (or not) is of absolutely no concern to Bryan.  I,  on the other hand, was a tad concerned that I would look like "The Wally" arriving in my semi tatty “well if it is dark no one will notice the iron burn mark on the trouser leg” outfit. Especially  if everyone  at the Awards looked like they were ready for the Oscars.

As it happened there was a delightful mixture of evening gowns and jeans so we were both okay. Bryan more than me as it was not at all dark and you could see the burn mark. Fortunately by the time we arrived and I was introduced to a few new faces and said hello to a few old faces I was enjoying the evening. My cornered animal fury at having to be removed from my nest so soon after having been returned to it  was a thing of the past.  In the meantime Bryan got steadily sicker.  I was only a little sympathetic.

We did not stay long at the awards  on account of Bryan being sick and because we had to get up at some silly time (again) in the morning to meet  dear friend Nicola off the bus from Abu Dhabi. By the time we got to the pick-up point at 2 in the morning Bryan was a shivering wreck. This of course did not stop him from talking with Nicola and I till after 4am them getting up before 10 to get to another rehearsal on Friday. He collapsed in a silly heap after that. Nicola and I went out without him for a lovely Arabic meal. He was up again on Sat for more dead on my feet rehearsing and a repeat collapsing  and to cut a long story short ( ha ha). He was ill for much longer than he should have been. Oh I have to tell you the long version. So then, we get a message from Bryan’s brother Rob to say that he is coming to Dubai in the morning that Nicola is leaving.   Convenient you would thing but no. Nicola was leaving from Abu Dhabi and Rob was arriving in Dubai. So we go to AD to drop off Nicola turn around to pick up Rob.   Poor, Poorly  Bryan, my sick pup.

I am happy to report that he did eventually recover in time to perform in the Backstage Production of 39 Steps.

Big breath..... here goes, I did not really enjoy it. But please note. EVERYONE else in the audience did. They laughed long and loud and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Sadly my sense of humour is very small and very limited and terribly particular.

For those of you living in Dubai there are a few drama groups around  with  enthusiastic and talented  peeps about and they could do with your support both as audiences and as members of the groups on and off the stage.

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