Friday, 1 June 2012

A reason to love Abu Dhabi - Treasures of the Worlds Cultures Exhibition

The Saadiyat Island  in Abu Dhabi has  these really super cool ( if you are a museum kind of a family - which we totally are) exhibitions a couple of times a year.

Today we went to the Treasures of the World's Cultures Exhibition. Many hours of heavenly delight spent  cooing at beautiful things.

There were some pretty cool walrus ivory chess pieces and I thought "ooh I want those. I will take up chess for those." It them occurred to me that I had that exact sentiment before. Watching Harry Potter. So as soon s I got home I googled "my" chess pieces and sure enough the cute, cute, cute, chess pieces in Harry Potter are modelled on the Lewis Chess pieces some of which were part of the exhibition.

Pretty waves  with Mt Fuji in the distance? Look more closely.  Bit grim really.
Under the Wave, off Kanagawa. By Katsushika Hokusai

My favourite thing for sure was a too old to tell you sculpture of  one dog lovingly tugging at the ear of another dog with her teeth.
Hounds of Lazio, Italy

There were around 200 pieces of the most beautiful things from all over the world. I was in heaven. I stood next to a Picasso, a Rembrandt, A Michelangelo.

 If you are in Abu Dhabi or Dubai really do yourselves a favour and go. Click here for information  Treasures_of_the_Worlds_Cultures Look around the site as they often have related guided activities for children and others for adults and yet other for teens.

Last year we went to the Wonders of Mesopotamia Exhibition and learnt to write on clay tablets in cuneiform. Laugh if you must but I bet you can't write you name in an ancient text.

There is a restaurant at the venue with a great menu of yummylisious food and the added bonus of being licenced , if I am not mistaken. Click here for details fanr-restaurant. When in Abu Dhabi i like to vist Fanr. In Winter the garden is a delight. Bit too hot in summer to be out doors. I love their lemon and Mint Soda.

Currently running over 2011 and 2012  is the  Talking Art Series of talks by terribly knowledgeable people covering a delightful mix of artistic subjects. This is being done in conjunction with the  Agence France  - Museums and Ecole Du Louvre.
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