Monday, 28 May 2012

On the 23rd of May our Junior reached the threshold of adulthood!

I have been quiet. I will do a few catch ups. BUT FIRST:-

Cameron , our "Last Born", turned  (no corner or anything but there you go) twenty one. WAY HEY. The magical unofficial age of Majority. Happy day for him, he can now burn up the nightclubs and bars in Dubai when he visits....... 

To be honest I am not entirely sure about this whole thing of having adult children. It makes one so old. I long ago reached the "Age My Parents Once Were" I am now well and truly in "The Age that My In-Laws Once Were" it is so bloody reflective and  relentlessly ongoing.However, this happy anniversary  should not be about me ageing. So, in a moment of selflessness, here are some pictures of our man growing up.....

I distinctly remember an event when he was around two where I watched Bryan going head to head  with an unrelenting and stubborn as hell Cameron. Not in the way of a tantrum you understand which was a little unnerving to say the least. And I thought to myself "cunning will be required in the raising of this child." And so it was.  We had to plan and think ahead and cut him off at the pass (so to speak) all the time. One did not so much raise Cameron as manoeuvre him. If I say so myself we became skilled in this. Which is just as well because if we weren't, I think, Cameron would have been a revolting precocious child. As it was he was just precocious. Still is. But what a lovely boy he has been and what a lovely man he has become.

It has been a privilage to see him grow up to be :
well rounded
socially ept
community spirited
champion of the righeous
broad minded independent thinker
good sport and all round good guy.

We think he is pretty special.

Actually I think both my young men are just the bestest. And their Dad too. Must be genetic.

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