Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Rant for the Day

Well that wasn't a terribly balanced or rational piece.  In my limited experience ... I have found that people from this part of the world (regardless of religion although predominantly Muslim obviously) are more fond of cats than dogs. YAWN. Having said that there is a large community of Muslims and non-Muslim Arabians that have dogs as pets. the Saluki dog  in particular is considered to hold a rather special place in the hearts of the Arabic People. I can honestly say that they treat their pets no better or worse than any other group of people. Please note both ends of the behavioral scale.  I think the dog story is an excuse for a bunch of extremist to act out and react to. Sadly extremists make it horrid for the moderates in any community. Furthermore being terribly passionate and vocal means that they generate lots of hate and support and at the end of the day everyone loses, except the extremist (of whatever stripe) who get his or her way, and then is that really a win.....?.

And the title of the article. Well that is just plain inflammatory. Which put the publishers fairly in the extremist sensationalist corner and no better than the people they are puportidy writing about.

If the Stonegate Institute really represents Moderate Muslims (as they say they do) then why ,oh why, would they title a piece "Muslims Declare Jihad on Dogs in Europe?"

Having blasted off at Stonegate and the article I have to say that I have not done a thorough read through all of  their articles etc. I do feel that this particular article does not fairly represent what they say they are about nor does it fairly represent moderate Muslims.
                                                     Happy Arabian Dogs.

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