Sunday, 19 February 2012

14th February – Valentine
Well I am not one for all the fuss over Valentine Day for a couple of reasons:
Reason 1:- I do feel that if you only make an effort to show your deep and abiding love once a year  then frankly why bother at all?
Reason 2:-  A Valentine is (in my mind) about secret passions and ego boosting – like I said in my mind. If you are going to send a valentine you simply cannot let on that you have sent it EVER. That is what makes it romantic and frankly a card “to my every loving husband” -SURPRISE!!!!  just does not fit into that criteria.
Reason 3:- ARRRGH the cost. You will spend a small fortune on some manky sad roses that cost more on that one day than any-other-day- of -the –year. Really? How dumb is that?
Reason 4:- Do I look like a sheep?
On the plus side:  I do think that a bit of shallow commercial “sheeping” is not all bad. I did leave a chocolate on everyone’s desk at work and refused to acknowledge that I had done so even in the face of  first hand eye witness evidence such as ” but I know it is from you because I saw you put the chocolates on the desks……..” and that was fun.
Then I did a bit of reading about Valentine’s day…. And discovered that for some it is not considered terribly Islamic and here I am leaving heart shaped chocolates on peoples desks in an Islamic Nation. Oops.
15th February
Today I have a gripe about smells.
Not my own rotten breath by the by.
For some reason the office lavatory now smells like a hospital operating theatre. Or rather what I imagine one smells like.  It is so heavily disinfected that you have to hold your breath before you enter for fear of damaging your delicate lungs with the super clean disinfected atmosphere. I thought that maybe a quick spray of some floral scented air freshener might make it a bit more bearable. Word from the wise: Don’t do it. The combination of such competing odors is not pleasant. Add to  that the what goes on in the loo  smells and well I will leave the rest to your imagination.

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