Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sort of Daily Diatribe # 1

One of my New Year Resolutions is to write something every day. Why? Well it’s a long thought that goes around and around. The upshot is that the whole point of having a blog was to diarize my /our life so that I have a memory recorded when “now” becomes “back in the day”. It is also, of course, a way of keeping in touch, and to rant a bit. Okay, maybe a lot.
l am bloody useless at it. You would never know , for example, from Zimboinlimbo, that we went to Istanbul twice last year and to Italy and to Germany and had a wonderful time darlings. PHFFFFFF, SIGHHHHHHHH, HUFFF and roll of eyes. Really, what is the point if I don’t at least record the wonder of the special holidays and high days. You would not know, for example, that Bryan turned 50 last year. And, you would not know that  we went  to Germany to attend a (fantastic) wedding where we met some very special people. I mean really what am I up to? No need to answer, I am not sure I want to know what you think.
I did, at one point, think that if I wrote a blog my English would improve. Ha, ha, ha, bloody ha, ha. I do try but I can’t, just can’t, write in a disciplined fashion. I can’t help but end my sentences with prepositions and start sentences with conjunctions. I spend most of the time that I am writing rewriting sentence so that I am not doing that. Then I get fed up with all the trying and carry on regardless. I make the kind of grammatical errors that Grammar Nazis find cringe worthy. And so they should. Hell, usually as I am writing I am flinching. But. It is my voice and I recognize it. If I write differently I feel that I don’t sound like me. Does that make sense? I blame my teachers for focusing far too much on my dreadful spelling (which no one can fix) and not focusing on my grammar which probably could have been improved a bit if I had not been so terrified of spelling mistakes. Feeling sorry for me? No? Well it was worth a try.
Anyway, I am going to write more often probably about nothing but at least I will, with any luck, record more than I did last year.
I am not unaware of the fact that today is the 22nd of January and I have not written a damn thing until now…. Ho hum. Wish me luck.
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