Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A visual Teaser for The Proposal

So as you all must know by now ( I have gone on a bit about it) the Dubai Drama group with the support of thejamjar are holding an evening of four once act plays : Chekhov's Cigarette

The Proposal by Anton Chekhov
Neighbours, friends, and a proposal. Chekhov's comedy of manners looks at what happens when the need for societal politeness comes up against conflicting agendas. 

Gere George as a hypochondriac suitor and the feisty object of his affection  played by Kaylie Smith 
Father ( Eric Dury) with a short temper on account of having a grown up unmarried Daughter.....

A rare moment in The Proposal when everyone agrees with everyone else.
Chekhov called The Proposal a "wretched, boring, vulgar little skit." and he  once advised a director to "roll cigarettes out of it for all I care." which just goes to show that creative sorts are the worst judges of their own work. I just adore this farce  and I was crying with laughter when I saw it in rehearsal. You will love it.

Eric Dury - Stepan Stepanovitch Chubokov (  repectable landowner )
Kaylie Smith - Natalia Stepanovna ( his Daugher)
Gere George -Ivan Vassiliytch Lomov ( the suitor and dodgy landowner)
Don't you just love the Russian names!
Director - Hananah Zaheer


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