Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A visual Teaser for 10,000 cigarettes

The most contemporary of the four plays included in Dubai Drama Group's evening of short Plays is ten thousand cigarettes which was written by Alex Broun  who  theatre goers in Dubai will know through of his involvement with Short and Sweet Dubai.
Director Vikram Ahuja sent me this bit of info on the play:
Our choices are seldom ours and shaped by the choices of those around us. And rationalising these choices, habits and decisions is often the easiest thing to do. 10, 000 cigarettes explores one woman's relationship with her smoking habit and her fascination for the single, most important invention in the world - the cigarette

Charlotte Russell, Sophia Lorenti, Cristina Mejia and Aashie Menon our stylish smokers.

sassy Sophia

Amazing Aashie

Charismatic Cristina

loving their habit...... for now
This is a beautifully styled short play that takes you from the silly to the serious seamlessly.

Come down to thejamjar every evening this week for a theatrical treat.

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Ibn Hoor said...

Wow thats amazing!
Do you have Flavor Shisha in Dubai products?