Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bart Wolffe - A broken trust.

 My friend Bart writes beautiful poems.
Bart Wolffe

He also paints, acts, writes plays. He is, in short, a Talent.
Bart Wolffe's Victoria Falls
Saying goodbye
Doesn’t make sense to dogs;
No way to tell them
Your wife does not love you any more
That you have to leave because of civil war.
(There is a crime in abandoning a dream,
Its end betrayal.)
The death sentence for a canine friend with cancer,
The question “Why?”
Silenced in their eyes
By a lethal injection.
You watch your best friend die.
There is a look of incomprehension,
A stone that is sorrow
Sits heavy in the throat,
Its weight unpronounceable.
(The end of innocence
That moment trust is lost.)
It has happened more than once,
A door closes
And through the fence
You try to touch them one last time
To explain –
But there are no words
So you turn and walk away.
Only a sense of guilt remains.
After all, it was you who gave them familiar names
That you will always remember…

You can buy his work here


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