Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Dubai World Cup 2013

World Cup

Animal Kingdom - the champ on the night

If you want watch  a promo about  the world cup click Dubai World Cup Promo

Here is Meydan advert for this years event Dubai World Cup 2013 Advert

And the race that everyone wants to win is here And the Winner is......

Race goers making it a family affair...

I was working at the World Cup. Most years I am nominally involved while the rest of the company is going frantic with preparations for our main event of the year. It is in effect our “raison d’etre”.
This year most our department was roped into the event. I enjoyed being terribly busy, but the to-ing and fro-ing gets to be a bit much especially after twelve hours of being on your feet and on the trot. And this after spending the two days before doing the same thing, albeit at a less frantic pace. 
I have blisters and bruises to show for the event and not much else. I did not see a single race. I did not see the displays. I did not watch Seal sing. I did see the inside of more ladies' rest rooms more times than I ever want to again. The public are astonishingly untrusting. I would suggest to race goers that rather than queue for the bathroom they take a three minute walk to x, y, or z ablution area which were not busy. I would be looked at as if it was my mission to clear the facility for my own use. You can lead a horse to water, darlings. Actually if I took a posse of racegoers to the bathrooms they were delighted. Sadly I could not spend all day chaperoning ladies to the bathroom.
Knowing that I would be working and that we have to dress reasonably smartly (no jeans and tee shirts and sneakers for the World Cup my dears - Oh no,) I faced a bit of a dilemma on the shoe front. I tested my various acceptable smart shoes and my heart sunk. There was no way my delicate footsies where going to cope with the shoes I had. There was nothing for it I would have to risk buying a new pair. Off to the shops I went. Then I had a conversation with our Marketing Ladies who were going on about hats for the World Cup “You are going to wear one aren’t you?”  “They” asked, individually, at various times in the day when I crossed paths with them. It was a bloody conspiracy.   My response was “Well actually no.” I figured with tearing about like a chicken with its head cut off, I would not be wearing a hat. In fact being headless I would probably not need one.  My non hat wearing status was greeting with shock and horror from the Glamorous Marketing Team. I felt quite dreadful, as if I was letting the side down by not wearing a hat. Back to the shops I went (at the last minute) and purchased an extravagant creation of a hat. It was wide and bold in red and black - and pricey. Well, this is what happens when you leave things until the last minute and act under peer pressure. Oh my goodness did I actually admit that? The dirhams were racking up. I met the gals from Marketing and told them “I have bought a hat!” They say “A HAT? As in a proper hat! We have bought fascinators, hats are too expensive.” Clearly in their minds “hats” is a term loosely used to describe anything that fits on your head. Then I dropped my phone……. I cannot even talk about the cost of replacing that. Let’s just say that my event was rather expensive.

Me, the Hat, at Gate A concourse - I promise I am not picking my nose!!!!

On the up side it was lovely to feel as though I was a part of the working operations team on the DAY. I enjoyed seeing my department colleagues rushing about looking smart and busy and all of us working together for long grueling hours. I just don’t want it to become a habit.

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