Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bloody awful Diamonds

I get a bit uppity when it comes to diamonds.  Since Marilyn Monroe sang sexily to the world that "diamonds are a girl’s best friend" they have been the gem of choice for many an aspiring about to get married couple. "I want a rock that will cost you the better part of 20% of your annual income darling" is a bizarre precept that seems to have taken root in our collective life plan .The perfect wedding, at the perfect time, for a perfect life, with the perfect diamond, but at what cost? The following and below little gem of an article that appeared in our local rag had me mad as a diva without an audience.
7 Days - Zimbabwean Diamonds

The money earned from the sale of Marange diamonds does not appear to be doing anything at all for the people of Zimbabwe. When I see evidence that the Government of Zimbabwe is improving health and educational services to its people rather than treating its Nationals like indentured surfs not worthy of basic human rights I might stand down.
I believe that the sale of Zimbabwean diamonds serves as nothing other than a way for corrupt politicians and corrupt government officials to line their greasy pockets and fund a repressive regime's army and police force.
The violence that has been associated with the Marange Diamond fields has long reaching consequences. You cannot easily undo learnt violence.  In the same way that often an abused child becomes an abuser a group of people who have suffered abuse become immune to compassion and show a marked lack of respect for their fellow man. I was told a first hand account of violence inflicted on an old wizened man who lives in this area for the simple crime of being in the way of a young man who wanted to get past him on a narrow sandy road.  The government may have locked down the mines and have all the security they need to keep the diamond fields under control but how they got to this point is a disgrace and the people of this land will suffer the pain of it for generations to come.
The damage to the environment is significant. The rivers in the area are not flowing freely due to siltation.  Water is being poisoned.
Pick your engagement ring with care. A diamond could cost a bloody great deal more than you are paying for it.

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