Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How big (and small) is EVERYTHING!

Once a year - at least- it is a good idea to check out THE WONDER OF IT ALL. It is great to be reminded of  how big stuff is and how small stuff is.

The below, first clip, dates back to the 70's and is great because the power of 10 is shown through out the film on the screen. The size is amazing. I can wonder at it and get what it conveys in essence - but (to quote Winne the Poo)  "I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words bother me." or in this case long numbers, so I am simply impressed and blown away.

Power of ten (big and small) This will take up 10 minutes of your year.

If you liked that and want more info on the same here you go : powersof10.com

The clip below is lovely to listen to. It is in a similar vain as the first but is shorter ( 5 minutes) and goes macro but not micro. Cosmic voyage - the power of ten - Morgan Freeman's voice

Now if you have reached this far. You deserve a drink. Here is the power of 10 Mojito!!!!!!! My favourite alcoholic beverage as you have never seen it before: A Mojito for the nerd in you.

And this just because it is so pretty and awesome and stuff. Hubble Telescope - space journey another 10 minutes of your day. But worth it - really truly it is.

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