Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Possibility of Taking Pictures

What Bryan got Nikon D5100

You may remember that I blogged  that I needed to start taking pictures. I am one step closer to that. I am plotting and scheming.
At Christmas time I decided that Bryan needed a camera for his Christmas Gift. Unfortunately the camera  he wanted was not to be found. So  he put his name down at a shop that promised that as soon as they got them in they would give him a call. This is my Christmas Gift to him  - remember? Anyway, lets not go there I have enough to deal with. A  few weeks ago Bryan got a call telling him the camera was available. He dithered for weeks. "Do I really need it?" he agonised "Yes you do" said I insistently and a little guiltily. I have had my Christmas gift from Bryan since, well, Christmas. And I have also spent a little bit of our ( more his than mine ) hard earned cash on "clothes for work" ESSENTIAL don't you know. But I am being side tracked. Bryan's agonising was due, pretty much in full, to the fact that he already has a lovely Nikon that he bought many, many, years ago. Back in the day when cameras had film in them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with his old camera , although he is finding it increasingly difficult to find film.  So he was agonising.The important thing here is that Bryan had to  have the camera as his Christmas gift because if he did not then I would be stumped as to what I could possibly give him, so very many months after Christmas, for Christmas. And there was also the matter of future tie in gifts. He has a birthday looming and now that "we" have gotten over "his" agonising, and he has the camera in his grubby paws, there are endless possibilities for accessories. Don't you just love consumerism. There is the small matter of me wanting a camera to take photographic evidence of the HARD life I lead living with Bryan. But that is just a side matter.
There is a sting in this tale. Sadly I am once again (remember the i-pad) sharing my bed with Bryan's new love. I try to sleep whilst he sighs delightedly at the tutorial that he is watching that tells him what a marvellous clever man he is for getting such a magnificent camera. He coos over all the fantastic functions  some luscious photography babe is going on about. He spends hours lying in bed taking pictures of the wall using different settings and showing me pictures (way after bedtime) of the wall in sunset mode and then the wall in cartoon mode and the wall in night mode and the wall in candlelight mode and the wall.....  you get my drift.
I will bide my time. I will hijack his new pet. I will post photos.
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