Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Nespresso

You may remember my friend Frances? She pops in and out of Dubai a couple of times a year on her way to and from India, England or Zimbabwe. When Frances is visiting we get sumptuous meals cooked for us by her. Our last meal together was  a delicious concoction of clams and mussels, with wine, on our balcony overlooking the sea. YUMMMMM. Needless to say, but I will,  Frances' culinary opinion matters in my life.

On the last couple of trips she has hinted heavily that we NEED a Nespresso machine. Clearly the French press in the Mackenzie household is not up to snuff. If the truth be told we do make the most crappy coffee on the planet. No amount of money spent on special or  exotic  or organically gently grown,  picked and roasted coffee beans seems to make the blindest bit of difference. No advice from experts and friendly enthusiasts seems to improve our offerings, so she may have a point.

Frances was also very keen for us to GO TO THE NESPRESSO SHOP. She wanted us to TRY THE COFFEE IN THE SHOP. She was enthusiastic, even passionate about this. I would go so far as to say she was Evangelical. Frances is not, to the best of my knowledge except when it comes to Apple computers , a Brand follower so her eagerness for us to purchase a coffee machine and not any machine but that Brand and in The Brand store and not some arbitrary distributor was intriguing. Sadly, what with one thing and another, we did not get to the Nespresso shop with Frances whilst she was in Dubai. SORRY Frances. Now I understand.

Have any of you seen the  Nespresso " Like A Star" advert? With George Clooney? Well watch it. It explains everything.

Going to the Nespresso boutique is exactly like the advert. You feel like you are buying  Liquid Gold.  Actually I suspect that involves a lot less ceremony.You are loved up and down from the moment you arrive. Nothing is too much trouble. You are the most important customer they have in the whole wide world. IT IS WONDERFUL. Want to sample every coffee in the shop? I am sure they would let you and probably carry your  caffeinated to the moon and back  self  to a chauffeur driven limo and drop you off at home. Want your coffee capsules delivered to your door? Of course they will. It is no trouble at all. Want that gift wrapped? Want another coffee? Anything else they can do for you? Remember you are now a member of The Club and nothing is too much trouble.
I did not want to leave. I noticed that there were no squishy sofas in the boutique. Just as bloody well because if there had been I would still be there delicately sipping coffee with a racing heart and shaking hands. 
What is the coffee like? We have had our first couple of shots in our coffee jinxed home and the coffee is lovely. But frankly who cares. When you are treated like a star  the coffee could taste like mud. I would probably still buy it!
As a post script. This morning Bryan was out of bed at the crack of dawn ( for him) and in the kitchen making himself a morning coffee. A feather could have knocked me down.
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