Monday, 7 January 2013

Abu Dhabi Art Fair - Mid November 2012

sIn an effort to ensure that I do not become a part of the furniture in our apartment I dragged Bryan down to  Abu Dhabi for the Art Fair. To be honest this no longer involves  much dragging of Bryan. I may have mentioned this before but the man has opinions these days about Art. In a previous live , one I understood better, Bryan has no opinions whatsoever about beautiful things. Pretty pictures was my thing. Having an opinion on everything else on the planet was his. Now he has opinions on this too. Not in a bad way you understand but to be honest I am a little disconcerted and am not at all sure what to think  about this shift in our hum drum life. But as usual I am being side tracked. Back to the business of the Art Fair.

Whilst I was toying with the idea of attending the fair I got an email from my chum Frances asking if I would be popping over to Abu Dhabi for the event. Earlier in the year when she was to- ing or was it fro-ing from a trip to somewhere she was in Dubai and we went on a mini adventure on the Art bus during the Dubai Art Week  and had a lovely time thank you. Here is my blurb about that:  Art Fix In March . Frances was not about so I "dragged" ( see above) Bryan off to Abu Dhabi for a few hours of Beautiful Art. We were treated to  more than 400 artists from 50 of the world's leading modern, contemporary art and design galleries.

The new venue for the Fair this year was Saadiyat island. We are regular visitors as this is were TDIC hold their arty farty exhibitions and where our favourite Abu Dhabi eatery Fanr Restaurant is located.

The airy dining area indoors. Out doors is stunning at this time of the year...

Here is a map Saadiyat Manarat for those of you who want to visit.

What I call the tortoise building. You have to see it from below.
One of the exhibition Halls at Saadiyat Al Manarat.

I am posting this very late in the day ( well in January 2013) but  I can tell you that three of the exhibitions were still running as of mid December as we took Bryans' mum for a bite to eat and a look at the Art. So who knows you might get lucky and enjoy some of the lovely art that we saw.  to fin out what is going on a the saadiyatculturaldistrict click here. But back to November........

We looked and looked and sighed and loved all the visuals treats that made up the exhibition. I will have to edit the blog when I get the pictures off our camera. Yes I know I should have done it by now.

By the end of the day I was a shattered wreck. A very content shattered wreck but none the less my senses were shutting down  with only vital function remained operational. Breathing for example.

I will be back there again next year.

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