Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Man Mall

I was at the Times Square Centre . By the by, what is the difference between a Mall and a Shopping Centre? Are there rules?)  We were driving past and decided that it would be a good idea to stop for a bite of lunch ( on account of growling stomachs) and to look at camera accessories for Bryans just past Birthday ,which I kind of forgot but that is a whole other story. I was thinking in terms of a tripod. Bryan was thinking in terms of a great big wide angle telescopic lens thing. HUMMMMMM.

So this is a question for the Dubai-ite Shoppers. Have you been to Times Square recently?
It has become Dubai’s “Man Mall”. Have you noticed? I don’t think the Management of the Mall has. Their web site has a lovely lady like feel to it. But, when you go to the mall it is wall to wall Man Shops. What with the big Sharaf Electronic Outlet,  Adventure HQ ( I so, so, so, want to do that suspended up in the air climbing thing. Not so keen on the climbing wall as I have creaky  bones and I am not 18 anymore……. )  Intersport and the car accessories shop, it must be Man Shopping Heaven. And there is the bonus that the center is not too big so men can’t be annoyed by too much in the way of retail outlet options.
There are a few things missing. They need:
 A furniture shop that sells items only in glass, leather and chrome.

A barber shop.

A Bar
A hardware shop that sells things like diesel powered saws and torches.

They have what appears to be a rather under-utilized ice cafĂ© where you sit on blocks of ice in subzero temperatures having, I presume, hot chocolate and wondering "WHY?" I suggest that they would do well to have waitresses  wearing short fur fringed skirts and pointy  thigh high, high heeled  fur trimmed boots to attract a more masculine clientele who would come scurrying into the freezer to enjoy the view and to cool down after an exciting time on the climbing wall. Or just turn it into a bar.

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